An Audio Sampler is a nifty little product. Even if you’re not considering getting your book produced into an audiobook in its entirety, you can still utilise audio to promote your title and give your fans a sneak peak into your book. Get a 5 minute Audio Sampler from any section of your book produced into audio by one of our voice artists and upload it to your website, blog or author page. It’s a great way to attract attention to your book and help market it.

Have a listen to some samplers below:



More about Audio Samplers.



In order to produce your Audio Sampler we need a few things from you:

  • We will produce up to 5 minutes of audio from any section of your book. Think carefully about which section you want recorded. Remember you want to leave your fan base wanting more!
  • Please send us a section of text that is no longer than 750 words (which equals approximately 5 minutes)
  • The¬†kind of music are you wanting, for example ‘Atmospheric’ or ‘Suspenseful’
  • Cover art of your book



Any questions? Please check out our FAQ page