Getting your audiobook distributed to the masses is essential. You may have the greatest audiobook ever produced, but without getting it sold through the outlets such as, Amazon, and iTunes, you might not yield the monetary returns you desire. Now how are you going to get your audiobook into the stores? At Audioshelf we can make this possible.




Let’s go through the Distribution Process


Audioshelf is not just a producer, but also a distributor of digital audiobooks. Distribution is all about getting your completed audiobook onto the digital ‘shelves’ of the biggest audiobook retailers.

Distribution can be a tricky path. Many of the major retailers will not work with independent authors or publishers. Some retailers have self-service portals that are difficult to use, some require varying formats of audio files, metadata, and images that you may or may not have, before they will accept your work. It can be a nightmare to navigate. Once you let Audioshelf distribute your audiobook, we will begin the application process to getting your audiobook accepted in the online stores of the major players of the audiobook industry.

At present, we have distribution channels setup with the following retailers:

  • Audible
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Audioshelf Shop
  • Scribd
  • Nook
  • Overdrive Libraries
  • Playster
  • Bibliotheca

And many more!



Pricing your Audiobook

Some retailers like Audible, Amazon and iTunes determine the price of your audiobook, usually based on its length in minutes. Other retailers will let you decide how much you want to sell your audiobook for.

Submitting your Audiobook to the Retailers

We do this for you. We will need some meta data information from you, like what description you would like for your audiobook, what audio sample you want customers to preview, your cover art etc. Don’t worry, we have a simple form that we will send you where you can easily fill in these details.

We then submit your audiobook to our retailers. It will take approximately 2 weeks from date of submission for your audiobook to show up on the retailers’ digital shelves.

How much do you get paid?

This amount varies depending on which retailer you made a sale on.

Essentially, retailers will give us between 20% and 45% on the retail price for what your audiobook sold for. We take 20% of this net figure and the rest is yours.

For example, if your audiobook sells for $16 on Scribd and you make a sale (nice!), Scribd would pay us $3,20 ($16 x 20%). You would receive $2,56 for this sale ($3,20 x 80%).

When and how you get paid

We receive quarterly reports from all our retailers 2 months after the end of each quarter. So we will send you sales reports for your audiobook in May, August, November and February.

If you are have a South African bank account we will transfer your royalties directly into your account, if you are an international client, we will use PayPal to pay you.



  • We assign a digital ISBN number to your audiobook
  • We ensure the audiobook meets the strict audio specifications that each retailer demands
  • We will process the image to be used as your cover art, ensuring the dimensions and quality is correct
  • We setup the necessary FTP servers to transfer all of the data
  • We manage the admin side of sales reports and keep in close contact with the retailers, so you don’t have to!



Let’s do this! Please start by filling in our easy to follow submission form below:

Click THE CREATE MY AUDIOBOOK FORM to begin the process of selling your audiobook.

Any questions? Please check out our FAQ page