November 28, 2016


Turning books into Audiobooks

The modern world moves fast, and most people just don’t have time to sit down with a book or even a newspaper and read. Fortunately, it’s easy to reach these folks – who might be intrigued by your book… but live on the go and would prefer to listen rather than read!

Audiobooks can open up new markets and revenue streams for self-published authors — but, as with all things indie, you have to put in plenty of time and effort into finding a decent voice artist, a narrator, a good and affordable recording studio before you even start.

How can Audioshelf help?

“How do I turn my book into an audiobook” we get asked this a lot! Making an audio book (or audiobook) is not easy.  It is not just standing there reading a book into a mic, it takes both technical expertise and talent to produce a professional-quality audiobook that one might buy through Audible or iTunes.

At Audioshelf we strive to capture the author’s voice and bring their words to life at a price that you can afford

Our Services:



We have the studio setup, highly experienced producers, and a wide range of experienced, professional voice actors and narrators that make audiobook recording go smoothly. The only drama…. will be in the booth.


Once your audiobook has been completed and is sounding fantastic, you’re going to want to sell it. Why not let Audioshelf sell it for you on all the major retailers, including Audible, Amazon, iTunes and more, and earn 80% on net sales?


To really motivate your audiobook to the point of purchase, we will create a 2 minute video trailer creating awareness for the release of your much anticipated audiobook.


An audio sampler is a 5 minute audio segment recorded from your book. A great little product for advertising your title on your website or blog.