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How long does the audiobook production process take?

An average length book (around 65 000 words), usually takes about 1.5 months to complete. This will depend on the voice artist's availability.

I would like to narrate my own audiobook, can I do this with you?

You sure can! We have sound studios based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Alternatively you can record your audio externally and send it through to us once complete for distribution.

I have recorded my audiobook elsewhere, can you sell it for me?

Yes we can. There are some audio specifications that will need to be adhered to, please follow the below specifications. We will gladly format or edit your audio for you, just send it through to us and we'll quote you on this service.

  • Opening and closing credits audio files. Two separate files are required to begin and end your audiobook. Opening Credits: [title of audiobook] Written by [name of author] Narrated by [name of narrator] Closing Credits: This has been [title of audiobook] Written by [name of author] Narrated by [name of narrator] Copyright [year and name of copyright holder] Production copyright [year it was recorded] by [company name]
  • All recordings must be human-voice -- no computer-read books accepted.
  • File type accepted: MP3 (192 kbps or higher)
  • Files must be CBR (constant bit rate) as Audible does not accept VBR (variable bit rate) files.
  • Submitted audiobooks may not contain both mono and stereo files. Stereo files must not be joint-stereo. Mono files are strongly recommended.
  • Each audiobook should be encapsulated in its own folder or directory. The directory should match the full title of the audio.
  • Each file must be comprised of a single chapter, episode, or story. Note that each file will typically become a “track” that a customer may use for navigation.
  • If the audio has no chapters, please split the audio into segments that are no longer than 2 hours each, but no shorter than 30 minutes each (when possible).
  • The files should be consolidated into individual Chapters.
  • Each file should be preceded with a three digit number that denotes the order in which the files should appear. The file names should appear as: 001_title.mp3, 002_title.mp3, 003_title.mp3.
  • Submitted audiobooks may not contain both mono and stereo files. Stereo files must not be joint-stereo. Mono files are strongly recommended.
  • Many MP3 encoders and decoders add or remove a few milliseconds of silence to the beginning and end of audio files. Please do not split audio files mid-word. When providing mp3 files, it is best that files are split during silent portions of the audio in order to avoid hearing gaps in playback.
  • Provide a sample file that is named, “title_sample.mp3.” The sample audio must not exceed 5 minutes in duration.
  • “Ripping” audio CDs is strongly discouraged as errors can often produce skipping and other audible glitches in the audio.
  • Be free of extraneous sounds (mouse clicks, mic pops, mouth noises, etc.)
  • Measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and have -3dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floor
  • Each uploaded file must have between 0.5 and 1 second of room tone at the head, and between 1 and 5 seconds of room tone at the tail.
What format will my audiobook be in?

We will send you your audio files in a high quality 192kb Mp3 format, usually separated by the chapters of your book. If you would like any other format please let us know (for example .wav files for creating an audio CD).

Do you sell or produce physical CDs of your audiobooks?

No. At this point Audioshelf only produces and distributes digital audiobooks.

How much money can I earn? Can you give me a practical example?

Sure, let's do a little equation. Let's say your audiobook retails for $15 on Audible, they would take $11.,25 ($15 x 0,75), and you would receive 80% on that, being $3. If you elect to sell the audiobook on our shop, there are no 3rd parties taking a chunk of the royalties, so you would receive either 75% on the listed retail price in Rands (if we have produced your audiobook from scratch in our studios) or 50% if you have sent us audio that has already been produced.

Will you actively market my audiobook?

No. Audioshelf only provides production services and the distribution channels for you to sell your audiobook.

Where exactly will my audiobook be sold?

Our list of audiobook retailers is constantly expanding, so keep checking back to see where we can sell your audiobook. At this point in time, are current retailers include: Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Audioshelf Shop, Findaway, Overdrive, BookBeat and more!

How do I order an audiobook from the Audioshelf Online Shop?

Please visit our FAQ page on our Storefront Website for information about ordering audiobooks. You can click here for more information

I'm an audiobook publisher, how do I get my audiobooks on your site?

Please mail us at We'd be happy to stock your audiobooks!