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We can take care of your entire project from page to ear, on time and on budget.

We have the studio setup, highly experienced producers, and a wide range of experienced, professional voice actors and narrators that make audiobook recording go smoothly. The only drama…. will be in the booth.


Once your audiobook has been completed and is sounding fantastic, you’re going to want to sell it. Why not let Audioshelf sell it for you on all the major retailers, including Audible, Amazon, iTunes and more, and earn up to 80% on net sales?


To really motivate your audiobook to the point of purchase, we will create a 1 minute video trailer creating awareness for the release of your much anticipated audiobook or e-book.


Have a look at what each product and service includes and their pricing

Audiobook Production

*PER 10 000 WORDS


  • Voice artist selection and approval
  • State of the art recording facilities
  • Expert audio engineers and directors
  • Constant collaboration with you
  • *Rate is per 10 000 words and is subject to change due to length of book and voice artist selected

AUDIOBOOK Distribution

Sell your audiobook


  • Sell your audiobook on Audible, Amazon, iTunes and more
  • Earn 75% royalties on our local shop if we've produced your audiobook
  • Earn 50% royalties on our local shop if you're sending us audio that is already produced
  • Earn 80% on net sales (after they have taken their commission), on other major retailers like Audible, Overdrive, Amazon etc.
  • We assign an ISBN number if you don't have one
  • Meet our retailers' strict audio specifications
  • Setup FTP servers and transfer delivery

Book Trailer

A visual display of your book


  • Treat your fan base to a visual portrayal of your book
  • Up to 1 minutes long
  • High definition stock photos
  • Add background music to create atmosphere
  • Optional voice over reading a segment from your book
  • *Excludes voice over fee

Audio Sampler

A short segment of audio from your book


  • Up to 5 minute segment recorded from your book
  • Voice over selection and approval
  • Great for marketing your title
  • Embed the audio sampler onto your blog or website
  • Optional music

About US

What's our Story?

There are so many ways to tell your story. Whether it’s an audiobook, an audio tour, a podcast, or any other kind of Spoken Word audio. Audioshelf was created because we want to tell your story; not only do we want to inspire, explore and promote our favourite authors through audio, we want listeners the world over to enjoy your book, speech, or seminar through the power of the spoken word.

Audioshelf is an audio production company specializing in the Spoken Word. From concept to casting, recording to post-production, we take what’s on the page and give it a new life through the human voice.

We’re honoured and excited to be the leaders and pioneers as the first dedicated South African Online Retailer, Production House and Distributer for South African and African audiobooks and we hope to do justice to some amazing pieces of writing in the spoken word format. You write the bestseller, we do the rest!


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